About Us


The Story Behind the Brand

4 months after I created Blk Luv Apparel my black love and I broke up. The LAST thing I felt like promoting was love and I started to feel a lot less qualified to push the message. But God!

He revealed I had so much love in my heart but I was channeling too much of my energy into the wrong things. He showed me Blk Luv Apparel's sole purpose is to spread black love! And that's exactly what I've been doing ever since.

I was faithful to God's Plan for my life and in less than 2 years I was able to quit my factory job of 8 years to become a full time entrepreneur. I never knew my clothing brand would be such a huge part in my healing process. And I owe all my success to God for he is the one that allows us to be successful.

Whether this is your first time or 100th time visiting my site I want thank you for helping me Spread Blk Luv. 


With Blk Luv,

Delicia Brown

Founder of Blk Luv Apparel